Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Simple Introduction

1. Who Are You?
My name is Danielle, I'm 26 years old, born and raised in Oklahoma. I live in Georgia with my husband and my wonderful stepson. My hobby's are Photography and Graphic Design. I'm a down to earth person who has a really big heart for people and animals. I spend most of my time at home being a house wife and mom. I have a lot of time on my hands, so in my free time I like to learn new things about photography and design then share it with those who may have the same interests as me. I'm a shy person at times and that alone gets in the way of my dreams. I'm always worried about what others are going to think of me and if there judging me in that moment. I would really love to become a photographer some day. I was going to college to become a professional until my world came crashing down on me. I learned my husband had stage 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma caner. Then later we got a scare when they thought it was a stage 3. That was one of the hardest times in my life. Then on top of that I learned my Grandmother wasn't doing so well back in Oklahoma. She has Dementia. If you don't know what that is it's a disease that elders can get that has a fast rapid memory loss. When we learned my Grandmother wasn't doing so good me and my mother dropped everything to take a trip to visit my Grandmother. Everything was crashing in on me and I could no longer focus on my dreams so I dropped out of school. Someday I pray that I can pick back up where I left off to chase my dreams of becoming a photographer.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I really don't blog a lot. My life is so boring and who wants to hear my thoughts anyways?  My blog is more of just free graphics I make in Photoshop or a tutorial that may help someone with the same interest as me.

3. Who is your blog for?
My blog is for other bloggers who may need free goodies for there blog, or someone who is starting out in photography and may want to learn some new tutorials to edit there photos in Photoshop or even someone who is looking to be inspired. Oh and I can't forget about the iPhone and iPad users, I too like to review apps on iTunes or share a app tutorial!  I know my blog may not be as nice as all the others and I may not share my thoughts, but its a start.

4. Whats something you been working on lately that your REALLY proud of?
I'm excited to answer this question because, I'm a Instagram user and sometimes I like to show off my work on my Instagram. I made some really cool photographer logo's then I posted a few on my Instagram to show off and boy did I get some likes! It wasn't long before a user messaged me and told me she was a photographer and just starting her business and really loves my work and would really be thankful if I would make her a logo. I was so excited because not only did a photographer like my work, she wanted me to make her a logo. So I  made her 22 logos for free to choose to from and she was really happy with them. I love being able to help someone even its on my time to help someone who is just starting a photography business and helps them save money. 

5. Whats ONE MESSAGE you hope people take away from your blog? 
That inspiration is all around you, You don't have to be best blogger, photographer, designer etc. To just be you!  Its all about getting inspired, learning something new every day while having fun doing it. I'm not the best and I have to learn to stop comparing my work and myself with others and just be me. Take one day at a time and you will get there.

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