Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Creating A Blog Header For Your Blog

You may stop and ask yourself "where do I start?" Inspiration is all around us. I like to start off on Pinterest or google and see what's new and  what's trending right now.  Before I start with a design


Next I like to gather my resources that I want to use for my designs. There is  a lot of free cute stuff out there believe it or not that I have come across myself. Not too long ago I did a post with full of free recourse to help design your blog or site. You can check it out HERE.  Here are a few more links that have free fonts and graphics. Angie MakesWe Lived Happily Ever After.
So let's get started.

1. Get inspired- Look around on the net and see what others are sharing or doing. You don't have to take their designs, but you may see something that will spark an idea. Right now seems Arrows, Deer Antlers, Gold and Watercolor designs are in at the moment. Rember that just because someone else or everyone else is doing the same thing don't mean you can't do something completely different.
2. Gather your recourse. Graphics, Clipart, Fonts, Brushes, Texters and so on that you may need for your design. There are both free and paid fonts and graphics out there.  Below are some of my favorite free graphics and fonts. 

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