Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Get Inspired!!

Inspiration is all around us. Sometimes we just need to do a little soul searching. I know sometimes I get in a mood where I really don't even know what to do next. 

What do I do to get inspired? I turn to Pinterest and google. I try to find what's new and popular in the blog design world. I look at other bloggers blogs. Those things right there help me get inspired to make new things or learn something new. 

When it comes to blogging it's OK to look and see what other bloggers are doing and maybe try to copy some of there blog layout designs or etc, Not saying take their designs, but to recreate your own that looks almost like theirs, but at the same time making it your own. 

Take time to write down some ideas in a note book. This always helps me. I do get stuck on what to do next when it comes to blogging and I have to take a few days away from my blog to think of things on my own. I'm not really the type to sit here and write a blog like I'm doing now. I'm more of the type of person who likes to share tutorials and make free stuff that I think others will enjoy and if your like me then that's OK too. 

Just whatever you do, get inspired today and take a look around you. Look online or through a magazine or learn something new to share with your readers. JUST HAVE FUN, GET INSPIRED WHILE INSPIRING OTHERS!

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