Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Using Mockup's To Better Your Blog Post + Freebie

Can you tell me wich one looks better in my blog post? The mockup or no mockup?



See how much better my wallpaper and my printable looks in the mockup versus the wallpaper and printable alone?  The mockup looks so much better, right? It makes you go ooh ahh so pretty! 
Using mockup's to better your blog post, helps your post stand out more from the rest. When you want to grave someone's attention, I like using mockup's from time to time in my post or on my site. A few examples maybe when I want to present a wallpaper I made. I would use a desktop computer mockup or when I want to present a free printable quote. I would use a picture frame mockup.
  • You can find free and paid mockup's for your blog post on the web. Search free mockup's or check out some cute paid ones from Creativemarket

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