Wednesday, September 23, 2015

VSCOcam App

I have tried the VSCOcam over and over since it first hit the iTunes store. I really wanted to love it for a long time, I really did. There was always something about it that I just kept deleting it every time I downloaded the app. The app has become very popular over time and seems to be everyone's go to app for editing the iPhone or iPad photos. 

I downloaded VSCOcam back the other day and wanted to try again to love it. I always liked the app, the design is very clean and has amazing editing tools. I think what bothers me the most about the app, is there are very few free filters and what filters are for sale are high. 

I took the chance the other day and I bought the Limited Edition filter pack that was $6.99 that came with, I think 32 filters. Witch with the few free filters and the extra 32 filters I just bought is the best deal and great starter pack. 

Even with the in app presets being high they are worth it in my opinion. The filters are not corny like most filter, preset apps. I think this is why VSCOcam is really popular. The filters are amazing. They look very professional and give your photo's a professional photography vintage look. So far I'm happy with the purchase I made on the Limited Edition Preset Pack. I also recommend this pack for anyone who is looking to buy one of the VSCOcam preset pack. Your really getting a good deal and saving money when you buy this pack.

Want to know more about VSCOcam? Check out there site HERE.

I want to hear from you!
  •  What do you think of VSCOcam?
  •  Do you love it? or Do you hate it?
  •  Whats your favorite preset in VSCOcam?
  •  Do you have any tips or tricks that you would like to share about VSCOcam? 

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