Thursday, October 1, 2015

Blessed Kitten's

Below are before and after pictures of two kittens out of three that made it.

Back in October of 2014 my mother and aunt found three baby kittens curled up in  the middle of the street as they were driving through town. My mom and aunt couldn't just leave them there to get ran over, so they decided to bring them home to me to take care of. My aunt bought them a big bag of cat food on their way home with them. When they got home.

 When they got home my aunt called me outside as she was carrying this big bag of cat food. When she opened the bag of cat food I had no idea at the time what was going on. As she opened the bag she said, " look what we found"  there they was three sick kittens. 

Tears come running down my face as I looked at just how bad they looked, but at the same time thankful that my mom and aunt picked them up to give them a second chance at life. That kinda thing gets me every time. But there they were going to town on some kitty food like they haven't had food in days. They were so skinny, sick and full of fleas.

I was so mad and sad that someone would just dump these babies out by a busy highway at that to die. They belonged to someone at one time. They were not wild, very loving and so sweet. As time went on two out of three kittens got better as the other one fell so sick and was fighting for her life. I could not stand to see her suffer so. me and my husband rushed her to the vet to be put down. I wanted to save her, but the vet told me she would need a blood transfusion that the parasites had sucked the life out of her. I didn't have that kind of money, so as I bursted into tears I had to go on and let the vet put her down. 

After I got back home from the vet I had to put that behind me and continue to do my best to keep taking care of the two that were left. As time went on and they got bigger I decided I couldn't  give them away I done got to close to these babies. I took care of them. After all I was their mama lol. 

I named the female Sassy, because she acts like a miss priss and the male I named him Boogie, because when he was sick his nose was always running. The gray is the male and the white and gray one is a female. They are both happy, healthy and fixed. I love my babies and I feel so good that I made a difference in a life. They have both made a difference in my life for sure.  

When Boogie was a baby he always wanted to be held. I would put him down and the next thing I know he would be climbing up my dress or pants legs. He is very spoiled, but we are very close because he always wanted to be close to me and held. I still carry his big butt around the house like a little baby sometimes. We just have a bond and I can truly say as many of cats I have had in my life this is one of them that I have had the most bond with. Most of the cats I have had are like my other cat Sassy where they want to do their own thing and only want love from you when they want it lol. Yeah! one of those kind of cats. 

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