Saturday, October 31, 2015

How to Make a Triangle Frame Using Rhonna Suite

1. Open Rhonna Collage. Fill canvas with a background of your liking. 
2. Make a square frame as big or small as you like. Fill square with a photo.
3. Turn off all the shadow and border size to 0.
4. Choose open in from Rhonna Collage and choose Rhonna Designs. 💛

5. Once your project loads choose the Geo 1 pack.
6. Choose the thick triangle border shape.
7. Resize the triangle over your photo to your liking. 
8. Now choose open in Rhonna Magic.


9. Once your project has loaded choose options to open your layers panel. 
10. Make sure your image is selected and choose the eraser tool.
11. Make your brush as big or small as you need it, but bring the hardness all the way up. 
12. Now carefully erase around your image till the outside of the image is gone.
13. Now you should have a triangle frame.

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