Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Favorite Apps For Bloggers

I have bought a lot of apps the past year that I have been an iPhone and iPad user on iTunes. So many that I couldn't fit every app on my iPad and iPhone combined. Sometimes I even wonder why I buy so many apps when half the time I don't get to use them because I have so many apps or forget what apps iv bought. But today I wanted to share some great apps for bloggers who also use photography on their blog. The best apps I find to use for blogging with photos are doodle apps. Some of these apps I have already talked about on my old blog dlolleyshelp and one of the apps I'm going to mention is fairly new. So let's get started.

1.A Beautiful Mess- This app has been out for a while now. It used to be popular, but seems to have faded out to it's old users. I still love this app and is great for bloggers. Has doodles,fonts,frames , filters and word art plus collages.

2. Rhonna Designs- This app too has been out for some time too, but with the new packs and updates it keeps us coming back for more. This app has a lot to offer with lots of brush stamps, masking tool, filters and frames. This app is to uplift and inspire.

3. PartyPartyApp- This is a new app! Also from the makers of a beautiful mess. This isn't a photo edit app at all. This is a video/gif maker that allows you to take 1,4,9, or 16 photos to make a animated video or gif for your Instagram or blog. It has 17 filters. The filters are amazing. This app also has frames. The app is made with a photo booth in mind. It has film strip borders to also make you snap shots into a still frame photo. With the new update you can import photos from your camera roll.

4. Diptic- This is one of the popular collage frame apps today. I love this app. It has many unique collage layout sets with many controls over your layout.

5. Picframe- I love this app for the fact that you can import videos into a collage layout. That's really the reason for me buying this app.

6. Little Moments- This app is kinda like a beautiful mess with doodles and word art, filters and fonts but what sets this app apart from ABM is this app offers a photo a day for each month to help you get inspired and creative.

7. Photofy- This app has it all, a little something for everyone. A lot of word art, stickers, fonts, frames and filters. This is a app to express your self through words and stickers on your photo. When I say this app has a little something for everyone I'm not lying. From mommy to be, to out on the town, to holidays friends, family ,quotes, pets, and much much more.

8. Weheartit- we heart it is a free app kinda like Pinterest but instead of pining things we heart things. I wanted to mention this app because you can find a lot of cool things on there when your in the mood for patterns, PNGs, overlays a DIY project or just looking for some inspiration.

9. Blogsy- If you ever want to blog right from your iPad? With Blogsy now you can. I used this app on my blogger account and it made it so easy to blog. With drag and drop photo features it was fast and fun. Blogsy even has a built in web browser so you browse the web without ever leaving your app. This app is a bit high, but if you are a big time blogger then it is really worth the $5. Blogsy only supports a hand full of platforms. So before you buy it make sure you check if Blogsy supports your platform type. 

10. Pinterest- By  now we all should now what Pinterest is, but for those who do not know, you are missing out. Pinterest is where you can pin photos from all over the web that you may find interesting and want to save for later or share with someone. You can also search pins like photography tips, tutorials, blogging ideas, recipes and so on to help get you inspired. 

11. Word Swag- Is an app full of topography pre-made fonts for you. It's easy and fun. You can use a photo from your camera roll or search there free photo stock to use. This is great for those photo's that you may need at the start of your post to drawl someone in to read your blog post. Example, I used Word Swag for this blog post for my photo header. 

12. Typorama- It is the same as words swag, but has different fonts and typography styles as word swag.

13. Project Life- If you know what Project Life is then you should already know what this app is all about. This app has a lot of Project Life cards and templates for your Project Life digital  scrapping. 

14. Bubbleframe- OMG I can't believe this app wasn't already mentioned above! I love bubbleframe! how could I have missed this app? Bubbleframe is a collage maker app made of circles. You have control over how you want to make your collage. There is also some pre-made layouts to help you get started. This app also comes with patterns and fonts. The best part about this app is that you can also install your own fonts from the web or drop box. 

15.STELLER- Tell your story with photos and text with steller app. Steller app lets you make up to 70+ page flip book with your own photos to tell your story through your own eyes to share with the word, 

Be aware!
Bloggo App- I really wanted to mention this app, because at one time I thought this was an amazing app that would let me blog from my iPad in a way much better app than the blogger app, this app coast me $2 and messed up my old blogger. So I'm going to worn you not to get this app nor use it for your blogger. It worked great at first until I started getting blogger errors on my old blog. I emailed them about it and they didn't get back to me like the first time that I emailed them just to ask a question about the app. I'm not sure what the app does to your blog that makes it mess up and have errors or how to fix it, but when I reached out for help on the blogger form I was told it was because of my last post I had posted to my blogger that was causing the problems. Unlucky me my blog is messed up and I can't fix it. So this is the reason I have a new blog.  If you take a chance on this app maybe try making a test blog and use the bloggo app a few days on there before taking the chance of messing up your blog that you have worked so hard on for over a year. If it wasn't for the fact it messed up my old blogger it would have been an amazing blogger app replacement. 

I hope that this post was helpful to you. I don't really post much, but for some reason I wanted to post today about a few apps I hope you have found this post helpful and one not so helpful to me as a blogger. Enjoy your day.

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