Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Favorite Resources and Online Tools For Bloggers

List of resources to help you with your blog or site. Hope these resources help. If you know anymore that may not be in the list and you would like to share them please leave the links in the comments below. 

  • Weebly- Weebly is a free site that makes it easy to build and start your own website and blog with easy drag and drop tools. You can also have a monthly plan to own your own domain name.
  • Wix- Is a free site to build your site or blog with many free themes and designs fast and easy with drag and drop.
  • Blogger- The best place for beginners to start off the blog. If you have a Gmail address then all you have to do is sign into blogger with your email address to get started. 

Blogger Tools
  • Canva- Canva is a free site that has a lot of premade templates for you to use to make designs for all your graphics design needs from graphics for your site, blog, email, facebook and much more. You can even make your own graphic design starting from scratch. 
  • Adobe Color Wheel- Look for a color theme for your blog but don't know where to start. Make a color palette in Adobe Color. Choose from premade palette's or make you're own. You can even upload a photo to choose colors to make your own palette.
  • Coolors- Dose the same thing Adobe color does. 
  • Speech to Text- Save time and stop typing. Use your voice to blog then copy and paste the text into your blog post. 
  • Blog Post Ideas Generator- Running out of idea's of what to blog about? Use the generator to help come up with blog post topics to blog about. 
  • Small PDF- Need to covert a PDF file or book that you just made for your blog readers? Try this free online PDF toold. Merge, Split, Convert, Compress and much more. 

Subscriber Mail
  • Mail Chimp- Mail Chimp is a free and paid site where you can choose and design your own email template to use to send emails to your subscribers. I'm using mail chimp on my home page for my visitors to be able to subscribe to my newsletter updates and freebies.

Online Photo Editors
These are my 3 Favorite Online Photo Editors
Free Photo Stocks
Free Vector Stock

Free Mockups

Little Bit Of Everything

Writing and Documents
  • Google Docs-  Google Docs is like having MS. Word or Adobe Reader/ Acrobat, but its online and free. You can make your own documents and save them in doc, pdf or other formats. You can also upload documents from your PC to make changes or to save them in other formats as well.
  • Grammarly- Is a free/paid Google Chrome extension that checks your spelling and grammar. 

Font Tools
  • Wordmark - Is a free online tool that will show you all your system fonts on your PC  to help you choose a font to use or even one you might be looking for. It will also show you a live preview of the font example.
  • Typetester- Is a great online font tool for those who are into typography or mixing and matching fonts. Typetester will allow you to compare your fonts to help you choose the right font for your design. 
  • What The Font- Have you seen a font in use online and would really like to know what font was used? Use what the font to help you identify the font in use. It's easy! All you have to do is upload the image of the font and what the font will try to help you identify the font. 

Free Fonts

File Storage
  • Dropbox- In my opinion, this is the best file host to upload and share your files. It's free and it starts out with 2gb of free storage.  
  • Free host and starts out with 2gb of free storage space.
  • Google Drive- If you have a gmail address then this is already free to you and ready to use. 

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