Friday, March 25, 2016

Insta Tracker App: Keep Track Of Your Instagram

Ever wonder who is following you?, who unfollowed you?, where your most of your followers and likers are from, who comments or likes the most on your Instagram's and who you are following that don't post much or is pretty much a dead Instagram account, or what's the trending hashtag at the moment is? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this app is probably for you. 

The main reason I downloaded Insta Tracker App is I get a lot of people who follow me and I always follow them right back when they do, but as soon as I follow back they unfollow me. 

I'm following thousands and thousands of people on Instagram. So I decided to download this app to keep track of those who unfollow me so I can unfollow them back. 

Then there are those times that someone may follow me and with all the new notifications I may miss a follower to follow them back and I want to follow everyone who follows me and give them a chance. 

Here is an overview of Insta Tracker. It is a free app on IOS. There is much more to discover in this app, just play around in the app and see what you can find to help you keep track of your Instagram. 

If you want to follow me I always follow back you can follow me @dlolley88

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