Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Watermarking Your Photos With Water Marquee Online For Free

By now some if not most of us have Photoshop and other programs that we use to edit our photos and slap our logos on them. I also know at times I want to add my logo/watermark to a few of my photos for quick facebook sharing, but I dread sitting there waiting on Photoshop to load up just for a few photos. 

Today I came across a site called Water Marquee that allows you to upload one or loads of photos to add your own transparent png logo/watermark to it. The site allows you to load your own logo/watermark to your photos or use the text tool to make your own. You can adjust the size and opacity of your logo/watermark to. Once your done you can save them all back to your files as a zip.

Below is an example with one of my free logos added using Water Marquee.

1. Go to Water Marquee and choose add photos.

2. Choose add logo. Note: Make sure logo is a png file and is cropped.

3. Drag your logo where you would like it to be at. Then double click on your logo to resize and adjust opacity. 

4. Once you are done choose save.

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