Monday, April 18, 2016

50 Email Subject Lines For Bloggers

Ever go to send a great email to your subscribers and then get stumped on what to post on the subject line to make your subscribers want to open your email? I know I get stumped all the time, so I wanted to make a list of email subject lines for bloggers. Here they are 50 email subject lines for bloggers. You can also download  my free PDF to print and use to help you when you get stumped on the email subject lines.

1. Thank you for being a subscriber. A Bonus for you!
2. New this Week from [blank]
3. Happy WEEKDAY : New [blank]
4. [blank] New Blog Post
5. NEW FREEBIES: [blank]
6. ★ BEST SELLER [blank] ★
7. Posts from [blank]
8. Fabulous New Releases [blank]
9. Just for your [blank]
10. [blank] Brand New Free [blank] PLUS an Exclusive [blank]
11. Here’s your free gift (as promised)
12. Welcome to The [blank] !
13. Welcome! Here's where to start..
14. Download your FREE [blank]
15. [blank] Trending [blank] You Must [blank] Today
16. What's Happening at [blank]
17. Know this about [blank]
18. [blank] tips/ideas for [blank]
19. Where is the love?
20. Idea for [blank]
21. The [blank] Guide to [blank]
22. You're missing out on [blank]
23. Who wants a [blank]
24. Enjoy this Special Offer at [blank]
25. [blank] %off – Email-Only Offer – Today Only
26. You’re Invited [blank]
27. Exciting new changes at [blank]
28. An Exclusive Offer for You
29. Don’t Let These Get Away
30. Introducing our latest [blank]
31. [blank] ways to improve your [blank]
32. Me again
33. You’ll like this one
34. The secrets behind [blank]
35. Did you see this?
36. Yep, this actually works
37. BOOM! That just happened…
38. Have you seen this yet?
39. Where [blank] Is And How To Get It
40. Discover The [blank] Secret
41. [blank] Your Way To A [blank]You
42. Little Known Ways to [blank]
43. Here’s a Quick Way to [blank]
44. The Quickest & Easiest Way To [blank]
45. Download Ultimate [blank]
46. THIS is the hottest trend in [blank]
47. Really…really!!
48. Let us know about  [blank]
49. Don't miss out on our giveaway!
50. You are not alone

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