Wednesday, May 18, 2016

50+ Email Subject Lines for Bloggers Updated

Ever go to send a great email to your subscribers and then get stumped on what to post on the subject line to make your subscribers want to open your email?

 I know I get stumped all the time, so I wanted to make a list of email subject lines for bloggers like you and me.

Feel free to print and use for your personal use.

Below you will find 50+ Email subject lines to help get you started.

You can download the PDF for personal use HERE.

1. Thank you for being a subscriber. A Bonus for you!
2. New this Week from [blank]
3. Happy WEEKDAY : New [blank]
4. [blank] New Blog Post
5. NEW FREEBIES: [blank]
6. ★ BEST SELLER [blank] ★
7. Posts from [blank]
8. Fabulous New Releases [blank]
9. Just for your [blank]
10. [blank] Brand New Free [blank] PLUS an Exclusive [blank]
11. Here’s your free gift (as promised)
12. Welcome to The [blank] !
13. Welcome! Here's where to start..
14. Download your FREE [blank]
15. [blank] Trending [blank] You Must [blank] Today
16. What's Happening at [blank]
17. Know this about [blank]
18. [blank] tips/ideas for [blank]
19. Where is the love?
20. Idea for [blank]
21. The [blank] Guide to [blank]
22. You're missing out on [blank]
23. Who wants a [blank]
24. Enjoy this Special Offer at [blank]
25. [blank] %off – Email-Only Offer – Today Only
26. You’re Invited [blank]
27. Exciting new changes at [blank]
28. An Exclusive Offer for You
29. Don’t Let These Get Away
30. Introducing our latest [blank]
31. [blank] ways to improve your [blank]
32. Me again
33. You’ll like this one
34. The secrets behind [blank]
35. Did you see this?
36. Yep, this actually works
37. BOOM! That just happened…
38. Have you seen this yet?
39. Where [blank] Is And How To Get It
40. Discover The [blank] Secret
41. [blank] Your Way To A [blank]You
42. Little Known Ways to [blank]
43. Here’s a Quick Way to [blank]
44. The Quickest & Easiest Way To [blank]
45. Download Ultimate [blank]
46. THIS is the hottest trend in [blank]
47. Really…really!!
48. Let us know about  [blank]
49. Don't miss out on our giveaway!
50. You are not alone
51. I made something for you
52. Some exciting news ( Plus a free___)
53. Who's up for a new round of exciting ______?
54. Surprise! Only for you today.
55. You won't want to miss this _______.

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