Sunday, May 22, 2016

FOTOJET: Free Online Collage Maker

Last night I was going through the Chrome Store for Google Chrome Browser. I came across an app called Fotojet and wow did I get blown away. Fotojet is a free online collage maker with 80+ layouts and 600+ templates. You can also choose from 300+ templates to make a professional graphic design. 
This site is 100% free. It's free to use without having to sign up for free, but does have some features locked if you choose not to sign up for free. 

The site, is kinda like Canva. Come on I know you have heard of Canva by now right? The only things is that FOTOJET is free and you don't have to buy any extras to use on your design or a certain layout. 

Well let's check out Fotojet. Be sure to tell me what you think in the comments after you check out the site HERE

Here are some Examples of some of the templates.

Check it out! I think you will love this free online collage maker. 

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