Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to Fake Marble Texture Backdrops for Instagram Photos Like a Boss+ Free Printable Marble Textures

OMG! I have no idea why I never thought of this idea before.

Today, while I was making marble textured iPhone 5s wallpapers (Wich are coming soon!) I got an idea.

I love taking pictures of my jewelry to share on my Instagram. I know marble texture is in right now, so I said 'hey why not make an 8x10 to print out to use as a backdrop for my flat Instagram layout photos.

I made me an 8x10 marble texture print and took my iPhone & junk outside to the natural light and gave it a try.

You can download your free 8x10 marble texture printable HERE to give it a try.

Print your free marble texture out and place it on a flat surface. Lay your objects out on the texture as shown below. Then move your camera or phone close in to get your shot.

Do you want to learn how to high quality photo's using your iPhone? Check out Chaitra blog post on its PINKPOT to learn now HERE. Be sure to get her free iPhone Photography guide while your there too!

You can follow me on Instagram @dlolley88 if you like. I always follow back. I would also love to see what photos you take with this printable. You can leave a link in comments below to your post or use @dlolley88 or  #dlolleysmarbletexture on Instagram. Can't wait to see your work.

I used my iPhone and VSCO & Fotograf app to edit my photos for Instagram. Here is what I got.

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