Monday, June 13, 2016

How To Grow Your Blog Traffic Without Money

1. Guest blog post.

Guest post is one way to bring in more traffic to your blog. By contacting another blogger who may blog about some things you have in common with your blog and ask them if they would be interested in doing a guest blog post on your site. If they say no, don't take it personal, just keep asking around to bloggers who may be on your level, but not higher than your blog.

2. Do tutorials.

The internet is always used one way or anther to teach and learn something new. We have all searched for a tutorial at one point or another right. The only problem with this you might say is, but everyone is doing this and a lot of them are the same. Well, you are right, but why not do a tutorial and show your readers more than one way they can learn to do it?

3. Give away freebies.

Make your own digital graphics to give away on your blog. If your not into that then search the web for beautiful freebies and share those freebies with the link to their site or blog it came from. Also a good way to build your email subscriber list to is to make your own freebies or freebie vault and offer it to those only who subscribe to your mailing list.

4. Post links to your blog on social media

Always be sure to share your post all over social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and so on. Oh! and one more thing use hash tags on social media to help reach more people.

5. Do a giveaway.

You may be thinking well this could coast me money, your right if you wanted to spend money on something for them to win. But hey why not share a DIY project as a tutorial and then, in the end run a giveaway for someone to win what you made.

6. Periscope or Snap Chat.

If you haven't heard of Periscope or Snap Chat then where the heck have you been hiding? A lot of bloggers and marketers have taken their happy little self’s to these two social medias. It's a great way to interact with your blog readers and followers. Give free advice and update your readers on what's new on your blog or do a Q&A to help your readers learn more about you and or learn something new.

7. Use free styled stock photos to up your blog graphic game.

I really never thought I would ever be able to find free cute styled stock photos for free, but boy was I wrong. I had to cross the ocean, look under rocks and do back flips, but I finally found some free styled stock photos. There are also so many different ways you can use styled stock photos. If you need some free styled stock photos and don't want to cross the ocean, look under rocks or do back flips then check out my blog post HERE to get all the links to the free styled stock photos I have found without having to hunt them down.

8. Use Canva and Fotojet to make your own blog graphics.

Both of these sites are free to join and use. They have pre-made templates and collages to help you with those awesome blog graphic designs that will draw in readers to want to read your blog post. 

9. Blog commenting.

Yes reading other peoples blogs and leaving comments and even sometimes leaving a link after your comment to your blog will also help boost traffic to your blog. I myself have a hard time leaving comments by not knowing what I should say. But I guess saying Thank you this is a great article I really enjoyed reading it and if you have time to check out my blog( your site name) sometimes I would appreciate it. Might even work.

10. Q&A platforms

Check out a Q&A platforms like Yahoo Answers and see if there is a question that you might know the answer to and leave an easy to follow tutorial and a link to your blog at the end could even help boost more traffic to your site.


Use tags and labels

Be sure to always put a few key words in your tags or labels area before you hit post on your blog. If your blog post is a tutorial be sure to use key words with tutorial and or what kind of tutorial it is. Like this for an example tutorial, Photoshop, DIY. Using key words help your blog post come up in searches.

Free premium content. 

Read my blog post HERE to learn how you can get free premium content to also help spice up your blog and designs. By using premium freebies you can  save money and help make your blog and designs beautiful, witch also will bring in more traffic.

Even though I don't always follow all these steps, I have followed a few and let me tell you those few have help me bring in a lot more blog traffic then if I hadn't tried any of these at all. I hope at least one of these ten will help you get more blog traffic.

If you know anymore ideas that could help lead more blog traffic to your blog please share them with us below. If you have tried any of these above I would love to hear how they did or didn't help you bring in more blog traffic.  

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