Friday, July 22, 2016

DIY Polaroids Using the Polamatic App


  • Polamatic App or any free app that lets you make polaroids. 
  • Faststone Viewer This is a photo viewer and design & print editor. It is free and allows you to print in many different sizes. 
  • Printer
  • Ink
  • Card stock paper or glossy paper.


  1. Once you have Polamatic app downloaded import and edit your photos in the choice of your polaroid and effects. 
  2. Save your polaroid to your camera roll
  3. Export your polaroids to your computer. 
  4. Open Faststone viewer. Locate your photos on your computer,
  5. Select 8-10 of your polaroids or less if you made the large polaroids.( I used the polaroid 300 for this tutorial.)
  6. Click on print, print & design. 
  7. Your photos will load onto the canvas, 
  8. Move the photos around how you like then press print. 

  • You can check out the video tutorial HERE

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