Friday, August 5, 2016

Rhonna Design Instagram Background Freebies

Hello to all my beautiful Rhonna Design users and fans. I wanted to share with you all who might have missed any of Rhonna's free backgrounds from Instagram in the past or if you are a new RD app user then here is your chance to catch up to get these free backgrounds. I do not want to disrespect Rhonna in any way and I hope I'm not by sharing the links. I also have a few that are back from when we had to screenshot the backgrounds from her IG account.

All these backgrounds are by Rhonna Farrer and can only be used for personal use only.

You will have to be on your mobile device & have Rhonna Designs App to download.

Note: I can't find the link to the Nautical Chic free background link, but if you have Rhonna Collage then you should already have them in the library. If anyone has this link and would be kind enough to share it please leave the link in the comments. Thanks

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