Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rhonna Magic Tutorial: Adding Textures

Start by saving some textures to your camera roll. You can download some HERE for free right to your iDevice. 

1. Open your photo in Rhonna Magic. Add layer, choose my magic. 

2. Click on the + icon select a texture you have saved to your camera roll. Choose crop to select your texture. Repeat these steps to add more than one texture to your my magic folder. 

3. Choose a texture that you want to add to your photo that you have just imported to your my magic folder.

4. Bring down the opacity on the slider of your texture, then tap on the eraser tool to erase any unwanted areas of your photo.

5. Add another texture by choosing add layer. 

 6. This time tap the slider option by the eraser icon to change the effect of your texture, then bring down your opacity to your liking. Erase any unwanted areas. Save or add more textures to your liking.

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