Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wish App: My Online Shopping Experience- UPDATED

The other day the Wish online shopping app popped up on my Facebook App and I seen that there were over 60 comments. I been using the app and even order from them, so I wanted to read the comments.

After reading most of the comments that's when I got this idea to write a post about my shopping online experience.

When I was going through those comments I seen a lot of good comments and a lot of negative ones too.

While I can't speak on everyone else's shopping experience I can speak on mine.

I have ordered over $40 of stuff so far in the past 2 weeks. I have already had a few of my things come in already and I will be sharing photos of those items below.

Wish is an online shopping site and app with a little bit of everything on it for cheap. I read comments about how their stuff is cheap and crap. Well, one you can't order something for a $1 or two and expect to get something that is value of something you would normally pay $20 for. Their stuff is cheap for a reason, because it is cheaply made in China.

I ordered this beautiful necklace right here for a $1 on Wish. It's cute, but it dose feel cheap, but don't look cheap. I love this necklace and it was worth the $1 I paid for it.

I paid $2 for this beautiful anchor necklace. It's long, it don't feel or look cheap to me. I like it a lot and for $2 that's a bargain. It's gold with white diamonds. It's also made to look like your wearing two necklaces, but it's made into one. 

Blue fox head jack dust plug for phones and tablets, I want to say I paid a $1 for this cute little fuzzy guy. I really thought it was bigger than what the picture had shown, but its still cute and I love this blue color. There is one blue diamond that is a bit out of place, but what I paid for it I'm not going to cry over it.

Excuse the dust and fuzzies on this cute kitty bag. I paid $2 for this bag. The ears don't stay up when you don't have a lot of stuff in it and the fuzzy keychain is a bit smaller than what the picture had shown, but over all this bag was worth $2 and holds a lot of junk. Note: Ears will stand up if you have a lot of junk in it.

Pink tote bag. This bag also looked a lot bigger online than it dose in person, but it does hold a lot of junk and nice to have for those big tote bags that I carry to the beach. I can put all my small items in this little bag and won't have to hunt for my smaller items in a big tote bag. I paid $3 for this one and I will say $3 for this was a bit much as it does feel cheap, but it will come in handy. 

This bracelet was a free gift from Wish. I only had to pay the $1 for shipping. When you first sign up to shop on Wish they will give you items to choose from for free and all you have to do is pay the small fee in shipping. I like this bracelet, but it is a bit big and keeps turning around on my wrist.

I paid $2 for this watch. It's gold and black. It's a watch that also wraps around your wrist to look like your wearing bracelets with it. It fits well, works well and its very fashionable.

LED Cell Phone Selfie Light. I paid $2 for this gadget. You can order them on Amazon for $8-$11 if you would like to spend way more for the same product. This LED light has 3 settings Low, Med, & High. When I watched a video on this product by other buyers I could tell a big difference, but on mine it don't seem to work when I change the settings, so I maybe ordering me a new one. I bought this for my iPad mini, because the iPad mini I have don't have a flash and I thought this would be great to have for night time snap chatting. 

Here are some other items that I have ordered from Wish that has came in, in the past week since the blog post has been posted. 

Gold deer necklace. I paid a $1 for it. It came in right on time.  

Love bracelet paid a $1.

12 pack dimand small noise studs. Paid a $1.

8x zoom telescope mobile lens. I paid $4 and will doing a blog post on this item later.

Camera keychain. Paid a $1 and has a LED flash and camera sound. I love it, its so cute and will be ordering more in other colors. 

Pink Camera Necklace. Paid $1 and also comes in other colors. Came early and even came with a cute Chinese token & thank you card. 

I paid $3 for this bag, The purple just popped and made me want it lol. I really thought it would have been a bit bigger, but its ok. You get what you pay for. I already knew the straps would be really long, so I'm going to take it up and use it for a makeup bag or a small beach bag to put my phone and etc. in when we go to the beach. 

As far as my first time ordering so much from Wish these items I have shared with you have came in and some even earlier than my expected delivery date

I have ordered a swim suite in the past and it came a week late. I did contact Wish and they was kind and offered me my money back or gave me the option to wait a bit longer. So I waited and it came in a few days later. I wasn't happy with the swimsuit so I did end up selling it to get my money back. The material was cheap, barely fit and showed way to much skin VS what the picture had shown. 

As far as clothes go on Wish. I wouldn't recommend anyone to order clothes on there unless you are a size 0-2 because their clothes in China are way smaller than USA clothes. If you are a smaller size woman then you could go ahead and try, but I would still order 2 or 3 sizes bigger than what you are. For plus size woman I would stay clear off Wish to buy clothes and this is coming from a plus size woman. Their plus size clothes are made for skinny woman. 

UPDATE: Here are a few more things I have ordered from Wish.

iPhone 5s gel cases. I paid a $1 for each case. They are cheaply made and the gel case designs. They are cute and I love the designs on the back of these cases.

 Lollipop Foundation Brush. I paid a $1 for this. It is smaller than what it looks on Wish, but I love this little guy. 

 Anchor Bracelet. I paid a $1 for this cute bracelet with an anchor charm and a few other jewels on it. I love it. It don't look or feel cheap.

 Rose gold arrow necklace. I paid $2 for this cute rose gold arrow necklace. Its reall tiny and the chain isn't long at all. I do like it and think its cute although I don't see myself wearing it much.

 7 peice cosmetic mackup brushes black. I paid a $1 for these cosmetic brushes. The set also comes with a leather roll up poch to store them in. They are reall high quality to me and I been using them a lot. They seem to work well and haven't worn out or broke with me yet.

 Nikon diamond black camera necklace. I paid a $1 for this necklace. I'm more of a Canon girl, but I just love these camera necklaces. It is a lot bigger than what the picture shows on Wish. I have worn it out a few times and had a lot of compliments. Its made well. The back is not solid it is hollow with not back.

 Sponge Makeup Brush. Paid a $1 for this cute sponge mackup brush. I love the look and feel of this brush. I think its really cute and will be ordering more. It works really well.

 Lip Bomb. Paid a $1 for this cute fruity lip bomb that is a knock off of EOS. The lip bomb is very smooth and silky. I use it a lot and love the way t feels on my lips.

 20 piece cosmetic brush pack gold. I was surprised to catch this set on sale for a $2. Normally they are $5 and up.Minus the sponge makeup brush. These are high quality brushes in my opion. They work really good and they tips are so soft.

 I paid $1 for these mini beauty blenders that come in a pack of 4. I love them so much that I have ordered 4 sets. They work really good and smooth out your foundation giving you that professanl look.

 Gold feather neckalace. I paid a $1 for this necklace. It does look and feel cheap, but I like it a lot.

Gold and feather neckalace. Paid a $1. Its cute and has that boho look to it that graved my eyes.

 3 in 1 Gold leaf necklace. Paid a $1 for this neckalace. This kind of neckalces are very cute, but the bad thing about the layered necklaces is the fact that they get tangled up so easy.

 Universial clear waterproof bag case. I paid a $1 for this thing and let me tell you, I really wasnt expecting this to even work or end up leaking, but I did test it and have used it. It is just as good as my $10 JOTO waterproof bag case. I let my son use this one when we are out on our water advinters.

 Universal clip on mobile phone lens 6 in 1 night using beauty selfie lens for smart phones. I paid $2 for this lens, LED light selfie kit. Its not 6 lenses, There are only 2 lens and a LED light that is made onto the wide lens clip. The LED light has 3 diffrent settings. The kit comes with a cloth bag, usb charging cable, wide angle lens, fish eye lens, 2 lens caps and the LED light, If the LED does come off the wide lens I have yet to figure out how to do so. The kit is $5 and up, but I was able to find the rose and white on sale for $2.

Retro Vintage Camera Neckalace. I paid a $1 for this cute black vintage camera neckalace. I like it a lot and it even looks good with some of my sweaters. The necklace is long and the pendit is bigger than the image shows on Wish. The necklace is hollow inside, but does have a cute gold back on it. 

So here are my Pros and Cons about Wish

  • Things are cheap and for some that can be a good thing even if they do look or are made cheap. 
  • Fun, you can even save items to a wish list to find later.
  • Easy to order stuff and shop.
  • So far support has been nice in trying to help me resolve past issues. 
  • Sometimes stuff does come in early. 
  • Some sellers will refund your lost items. 
  • Award system. Wish will award you points for shoping with them. The awards are used time to time to take a % off your order. 
  • When you sign up they do give you a free gift to choose from. All you have to do is pay the $1 for shipping. 
  • No Taxes
  • Does ship from China.
  • Your items can end up being lost.
  • Items sometimes come past delivery date. 
  • Some sellers do have return policies, so make sure you read them. 
  • Items can look smaller or bigger than what they really are. 
  • Some packages do come banged up from its long travel. 
  • Some items are cheap and for some that's a bad thing and the item may not last long. 
  • Prices seem to change and very.

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