Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rhonna Suite App Tutotiral: Side by Side Patterns

I had someone on Instagram ask me how do I make the patterns side by side in Rhonna Designs. So I wanted to make a quick tutorial on how you can do this in Rhonna Designs and Rhonna Collage.


1. Choose a white background from Rhonna Designs.

2. Open the design icon and choose a transparent background pattern. I'm going to use the ones from festive floarl pattern in-app purchase. 

3. Choose a design pattern, resize it to fit your canvas. Drag it to one side of your canvas. Then click the + icon to add another design.

4. Resize the pattern to fit your canvas then drag it to the other side and line it up with the other pattern side by side like so.

5. Once you are done that it's time to keep adding other designs. 


1. Choose a new blank canvas. Then choose to fill with one of Rhonna's backgrounds.

2. Make a square using your fingers to pinch in and out. make it fit your canvas like mine below. Choose Fill.

3. Fill with Rhonna's background.

4. You can bring the border to 0 and press and drag to move your top pattern over. 

5. Now open in Rhonna Design and design away or add your photos in Rhonna Collage. 

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