Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rhonna DesignsTutorial: Gold Foil My Fonts Using Rhonna Collage & Rhonna Desings App

Yes, we all know in Rhonna Designs we have the new 4 beautiful swatches where we can change our designs and fonts to gold or silver, but if you noticed when you use the fonts from Rhonna Collage or the my fonts you have installed from Rhonna Collage you can't change your font to any of the gold or silver swatches once you open it in Rhonna Designs. This is just a quick masking tutorial to show you how you can change your fonts from Rhonna Collage to other textures like gold, silver or etc of your liking.

For this tutorial you will need.

  •  Rhonna Designs App
  •  Rhonna Collage App. 
  • Fonts installed in your Rhonna Collage app under my fonts section. 
  • Optional- You can also download your own gold textures to your camera roll. 
  • (NOTE): You can use other textures and backgrounds if you choose to do this tutorial with. I choose to do gold since it is very popular right now. 
1. Open Rhonna Collage. Choose New Project. 

2. Choose the size of your liking. I'm going with square for Instagram. You can also choose a premade layout if you like.

3. Choose Fill Canvas icon to fill the background with the gold texture or the background of your liking. 

4.  If your texture is in your camera roll choose Pics icon then photos. I'm using a gold background from Rhonna's library and if you are following along with me then choose the library icon. 

5. Choose the golden summer folder. 

6. Choose the full gold background.

7. Choose the straight text icon. 

8. Select the font and choose a font from your my fonts library if you have fonts installed. 

9. Add your font quote as you like. Edit your font settings to your liking. 

10. Once you are done choose open in Rhonna Designs. 

11. Once your design has loaded in Rhonna Designs open the blue square with the 3 lines at the top as shown in the picture below. 

12. Choose the mask icon. Turn the masking on. Choose a background color at the top. I always go with white or black. Once you are done click the check mark. You can add more designs or save. 

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