Saturday, April 8, 2017

How You Can Make Your Own Hand Made Photoshop Brushes

Use items like watercolor paint, paint, pens, markers, paint pens, makeup and etc.

Here is some of my hand painted watercolor photoshop brushes I have made myself that you can also find for free in my watercolor photoshop brush sets.

Use your smartphone, tablets, and iPad. Try making some brushes using some art drawing & painting apps.

Here is a list of a few apps you might like to try or buy.

Picsart IOS& ANDROID Picsart
Procreate IOS
Art Set IOS
 MediBang Paint IOS & ANDROID  MediBang Paint
 ArtRage IOS & ANDROID ArtRage

Once you are done with your work you will need to save it or scan it.

 If you don't own a scanner there are free scanner apps for both android and IOS where you can use your device as a scanner. Just search the right scanner app for you.

How to import your work into Photoshop brushes.

  • Open your work in Photoshop
  • If you have more than one painting or drawing on your canvas use the selection tool and select the brush you want to import first.
  • Once your work is selected with your lasso selection tool go to Edit- Define Brush Preset. 
You can check out a step by step visual tutorial guide here on how to import your work to Photoshop brushes.  

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