Thursday, May 11, 2017

How to Make a Blog Template Using Rhonna Design Suite Apps

What you will need:

1. Open Rhonna Designs app. Choose your base black template. At the time of this tutorial, mine was white. 

2. Once you have your template open in Rhonna Designs you will need to choose the 3 lines icon at the top and choose open in Rhonna Collage. 

3. Once your template is open in Rhonna Collage click on the fill canvas icon, choose the photo icon and choose a styled stock photo that you have saved to your camera roll and tap crop at the top to lock your photo into place.

4. Make a square on your using your fingers in Rhonna Collage like shown below. Next change your shape of your square. Be sure to also turn off the shadows if you wish. 

5. Next, we need to fill our shape. So tap on fill frame icon, choose the color icon and a color then click on fade and bring down the opacity to your liking. Once you have done that choose the straight text icon tool to add your text.

6. This is optional, but you can open your template back in Rhonna Designs app and add designs to your template as you like. I opened my design back in Rhonna Designs to add a design then opened it back in Rhonna Collage to add more font. 

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