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AppForType App + Review & Text Freebie For Add Your Own Text in AppForType


With AppForType you can add text on your photos. AppForType has 764 texts and 54 fonts, 24 of which are Cyrillic compatible. And we are constantly expanding our collection. We added a new feature - take a picture of your own text and add it to the photo. It might be whatever: calligraphy, typography and even wall graffiti. Create your own collection and share results on instagram.

AppForType is:

- 37 sets containing 764 texts
- 54 fonts
- tool for uploading of your own texts, logos, stickers and patterns
- "Eraser" tool, which can hide part of a text
- sets for bloggers', photographers, moms and travellers

Artists from the USA, Canada and Russia cooperate with AppForType and expand collection of texts and fonts. To get inspiration and new ideas follow our profile on instagram @appfortype, and also post pictures with #appfortype hashtag. For feedback and suggestions please contact us on

Sets available in the application shop: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Hello Spring, For Moms, Wedding, Motivation, Sport, Morning, Girl Power, Let’s Celebrate, For Makers, Cities, Brushes, Tea Time, Travel, Happy Monday, Coffee, Saint Petersburg, Cities of Russia, Unicorn, Love, Meow, Dream, Food is Love, Start Now, Home Sweet Home, Happy St Valentine, Happy 2017, Yoga, New Year 2018, Halloween, Surfing, Bloggers’, It’s my dog

MY REVIEW: AppForType has been out for over a year now, but I have just came across it not long ago. I love apps with word and quote hand letterings and design for photos so I decided it was free I would download it and give it a try. After downloading it and I seen in the shop that most of their packs was free. I do believe out of 37 sets containing 764 of their texts 500 of them are free.

The texts are beautiful and very creative. I was really blown away at just how much of the design texts was free. The paid text design packs $0.99. I ended up buying 2 more packs for AppforType that I felt like I just had to have. 

The 54 fonts that are in this app you will have to pay $4.99 to be able to use them. I'm not going to lie for me that is a bit much because I do have Rhonna Collage app that allows me to install fonts from the web right into her app to use. For those who love fonts and just have to have it, it may not be a bad deal for you as it seems they do add new fonts to the collection from time to time. 

Add you own text. This coast $2.99. This to lets you  add your own text, designs and logos. Some people may think this purchase is just so you can install fonts, but its not. This tool lets you hand drawl your design, text or logo. Take a picture of your design then import it into AppForType so you can use your own designs on your photo like their own texts in the app. Its almost like photoshop brushes. I really love this feature and it was worth it to me as I love to design my own stuff sometimes.  

I love AppForType. I'm so happy I came across it in the iTunes store. I use it a lot for my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook stories. There is only two things I wish to see in a update, one is to be able to zoom in and out on our picture so ill be able to see the picture in the whole frame, because some picture sizes the bar at the bottom covers it and you can't add text & design at the bottom of your photo. Two, I would like to see for the eraser brush to have a set of two erasers. One hard and one soft. Right now the eraser tool is a hard edge eraser. Other than that I'm in love with AppForType and think anyone who likes apps like this one should at least give it a try. 

Now for the freebie to use in AppForType using the add your own text feature. 

What do I get with this freebie? 

You will get 3 free sets. 
  • Set 1 has 51 Texts
  • Set 2 has 31 Texts
  • Set 3 has 57+ Designs

PLEASE NOTE: This freebie is for personal use only. Do not use to make freebies or for sale. Thank you dlolleyshelp. 

(You must purchase this tool to use this feature.)

Save the text and design freebies above to your device then follow along to learn how to import them into AppForType

There are two ways to add your own text.

1. One way is open AppForType tap on add title icon. Choose image from your camera to take your own photo of your art work or from your library if you already have it saved to your camera roll. 

2. The second method is to open a image you want to edit. Tap on Text. 

3. Tap on MY then tap on the circle icon with then + inside of it.

4. Tap on choose from library.

5. Tap on the text or design you want to import.

6. Crop the image if needed then slide the select color and clean title all the way to the end tapping the check mark when done.

7. Now when you tap on TEXT, MY you will see all the text and designs you have imported into your MY TEXT Album. You can now resize, rotate, change the color, opacity and erase any part of your text.

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