Monday, December 12, 2016

How To Add Snow Overlays In Rhonna Magic App

1. Open Safari and Google Free Snow Overlays. Save a few Images of your liking to your camera roll.

2. Open Rhonna Magic App. Choose the photo that you want to add snow to & edit.

3. Choose Add Layer.

4. Choose My Magic Icon.

5. Choose the + Plus icon to open your photo camera roll to locate your snow overlays.

6. Choose your snow overlays. Choose crop to continue. Repeat step 5 &6 to add all your snow overlays. 

7. Now all your snow overlays will be in your my magic icon. Just tap on the snow overlays, use the eraser to erase any unwanted areas. Also use the opacity tool to bring down the opacity. (Tip: Add Layer and keep adding more snow layers to add more snow effect.)

8. Now all that is left to do is edit your photo. I added a bokeh effect to make it look like there was snow on the lens. I also made my photo black & white. Here is my layers. Last to do is save your photo and share. 


Watch The Video Tutorial HERE

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