Friday, April 7, 2017

How To Get Your Freebie Designs Notices & Drive More Traffic

How to get your freebie design work noticed & drive more traffic to your blog.

Try sharing your work on some of these social sites or making a profile and portfolio on Behance and Deviant art and upload your work there.

There is also a list of free resource sites that you can submit your freebies too that will also help drive a lot of traffic to your blog and freebie post while also getting your freebie noticed more. 

Share your free designs to these social media sites.


Make you an account  and upload your designs to these sites and leave a link back to your post for download.

Submit a freebie to some of these sites listed below and you might have a chance to be featured. Most of them leave a link back to your site /downloads this also helps drive more traffic to your blog. 

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