Monday, January 29, 2018

How to Make Snapchat Templates in Rhonna Suite Apps

After a few hours of me posting this tutorial, I went back and noticed a much easier way to do this. So I bring to you the new revamped tutorial.

1. Open Rhonna Collage App. Choose the 916 aspect canvas. You can choose an empty canvas or a premade layout of your choice.

 2. I picked a premade layout. If you picked an empty canvas make your frames as you like.

 3. This step is optional. You can choose to fill your canvas with a background or wait to open your template in Rhonna Designs app to add a design background. I went ahead and filled my canvas with a background in Rhonna Collage app.

4. Fill your frames with your photos of your choice. Once you are done chose open in Rhonna Designs app.

5. Now add designs to your template as you like once you're done save your template to your camera roll. 

6. Upload your beautiful template to share with your Snapchat story. 

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