Sunday, July 15, 2018

List of Free Mental Health & Self Love iTunes Apps- UPDATED

Sometimes life gets us down and we may stumble or fall. That's ok because we are all strong enough to always get back up, dust ourselves off and try again. We are all human we all go through things in life that sometimes we may feel like we can't overcome. Whatever you are going through stop and look in the mirror. Now tell yourself I'm strong, I got this, I will overcome this, this to shall pass. Hard times don't last forever even though they will always come and go. Just always remember you are strong and you will overcome this. 

Below is a list of iTunes apps. Some I have tried out for myself and some I have shared due to the good ratings on the app. You will find apps from AI bots that you can chat with to help you get through your emotions or day. ( I do have to say the two I have listed are amazing and even fun at times when I really have no one to turn to or just don't want my business out there to friends and family.) You will also find apps like mood trackers, stress scans, sleep sounds, meditations, diaries, journals and much more. I do hope that I could help you find at least one or more app that you will like and will help you with your mental health and self-love journey. 

For the journals and diaries, you can check out Pinterest or search some self-love journal prompts to help you get started. I also added the app Notepad+ for those who may want to use it to design a digital journal. 

PS, If you have or know of any more good apps I could add to the list please feel free to the leave the name of the apps in the comments. 




You can also check out her website on the web here- Brittney Moses


Aloe Bud-




Be Okay-




Guided Mind-

Self-help for Anxiety Management-

Co Sleep: Sleep Sounds-

ASMRtist- ASMR sleep sounds-

Sleep Cycle alarm clock-

Build Self-Esteem Hypnosis-

Smiling Mind-

Moods: Tracking For Better Mental Health-

Moodtrack Social Diary-

Stigma Mood Tracker & Journal-

Reflectly Mindfulness Journal-

Daylio- Journal, Diary, Moods-

Emojion Journal & Mood Diary- 

Grid Diary/ Journal-

Grateful. A Gratitude Journal-

Endless Journal- Q&A Diary-


Self Checkout-


Day One Journal-



Perspective- Daily Journal-

Unique Daily Affirmations-

Subconscious Vision Board-


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