Sunday, July 15, 2018

Free KYO: Gratiude Journal App + Mental Health Journal Prompt Round Ups

What is KYO?

KYŌ is a personal daily reflection app. It will help fuel your daily reflection through questions from some of the most inspiring figures in the world.

Releasing your thoughts and ideas from your head can help bring clarity, focus and appreciation to your day. 

KYO also has a few free journal prompts to get you started or you can simply add your own journal prompts to always have to choose from when you are ready to journal and find your self-discovery and more. This feature is what I like most about this free journal. You can even record your thoughts and add photos to your Journal. 

I use KYO Journal on my iPhone and I really enjoy this app. I think you will too. 

Check out their SITE now and download the app for free on the APPLE STORE




Be sure to also check out the list of free Mental Health & Self Love iTunes Apps to help you get more in touch with your mental health and self-discovery.  

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